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C. Philip Amoils, MD, FACS

We take pride in the highest personalized quality of care for all of our patients

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Dr. Amoils

Meet C. Philip Amoils, MD, FACS

Concierge ENT Specialist

As an expert clinician and surgeon, I have the experience and expertise to perform an individualized procedure helping to improve nasal airflow and cessation of breathing conditions and snoring.

An expert in nose, sinus, and snoring conditions that offers personal, high-end – home care, after minimally invasive surgery.

We offer personalized expert care focused on each individual’s medical needs that are specifically related to the Ear, Nose, and Throat. Through this care, we go above and beyond to help your general physical health and wellness.

Meet Dr. Amoils Watch Welcome Video

“Dr. Amolis has been our hero for over two decades now!!!! He has been an amazingly caring and funny doctor to all five of us and most recently did surgery on my husband which ended up being a much bigger deal than we thought, but he pulled it off effortlessly!!! Thank you Dr. Amolis for giving us confidence again in the medical profession!!!!!”
— Patient Review: VZ

We specialize in bringing a team approach of super-specialists related to conditions of upper airway breathing, focusing on the nose, throat, and its relationship with the maxillofacial and jaw anatomy.

Multispeciality Approach

Our team of world-expert super-specialists includes maxillofacial-plastic and reconstructive surgeons, head and neck physicians, pediatric otorhinolaryngologists (ENTs), and orthognathic doctors.

  • Our primary goal is maximum upper airway breathing efficiency.
  • Our long-term goals are improved airway passages, facial symmetry, and the well-being of the patients.
  • Initial diagnostic modalities include a thorough history and examination including direct fiberoptic nasal and airway evaluation
  • Special investigations often done on the initial visit include facial photography, CT scan using mini radiation scanners, allergy testing, and home sleep studies.
  • Treatment may range from non-invasive medical therapy to minimally invasive techniques that can be done under twilight sedation (non-narcotic approach).
  • Surgery that requires reconstructive surgery may be done in our board-certified surgery centers in Palmdale, Valencia, and Pacific Palisades CA, under general anesthesia involving the different specialties working in synchrony.

“Anyone who lives with sinus infections & clogged sinus’s should know there really is help out there. After an in-office procedure with Dr Amoils, not only can I breathe again, but I haven’t had a sinus infection in months, which would’ve been rare for me in recent years. He & his staff are all great to deal with. I highly recommend him.”
— Patient Review: RG

ENT and Sinus Videos

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Title: Dr. Amoils Goes Over “Sleep Disordered Breathing”


We treat many patients from around the world and our fifty different states, therefore we may need to do post-operative and follow-up evaluations using telemedicine, as a local visit may be too cumbersome. We can quite easily do evaluations and planning by Tele-visitations as well.

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